Monday, June 2, 2014

Week Four

The final week of my four week placement has quickly drawn to an end. Over these past four weeks I have had an opportunity that has deeply affected and contributed to my journey as a teacher. It has been a rich experience to be involved in a school that is excited and passionate about learning with strong focus on seeking new ways to which education can be taught and acquired better and better. From the first time I walked into the school I felt welcomed and accepted into a staff environment that was far beyond what I had ever experienced before.
During these four weeks my personal philosophy, experience and attitude to teaching has developed significantly. Before beginning this placement I set some goals to develop my philosophy with specific relation to ICT and pedagogies. As I now look back over the weeks I can clearly see that I have taken to heart the pedagogy that this school is based upon; learn, create share. But also I see that I have developed in my philosophy, understanding and skill of using ICT in the classroom. This interest and enthusiasm for ICT in the classroom has been building throughout my three years training as a teacher with now this experience being built upon stronger. The pedagogy of learn, create, share has made me think about how as humans we learn and what is the purpose for learning. From reflection upon why we learn I think it is reasonable to say that we learn (gain) knowledge to use and effect our lives. If knowledge is learn’t (gained) and not used then I would question its purpose and supporting reasoning. Therefore ultimately all learnt material should be used in a way that is useful and/or affects life. If during education students learn knowledge that isn’t used (in the present or future) or doesn’t affect their life or the lives of others, then the conclusion might be made that it is useless and in vain. Therefore what gets taught to students needs to useful or taught in a way that makes the knowledge important. This is where I think the pedagogy of learn, create, share has excelled and can bring revolution to education. I want my students to think and know that what they learn is useful and/or can affect their life or other peoples’ lives. So by teaching my students to learn knowledge, then create using that knowledge, and finally sharing their creating, I believe that students are able to gain purpose and enthusiasm for education. In my own life I learn new knowledge because I either need it to create or contribute to other knowledge or actions. Then from this step this knowledge or action often affects or is shared with others for joined appreciation, understanding, ability, effectiveness, growth or productiveness. I do not often find myself learning something that I don’t use or share. Therefore I greatly see the effect and significance of teaching students to learn in order to create then share. And now with the use of ICT in the classroom creating and sharing can be easier and more efficient. Which in conclusion can potentially make learning more efficient and meaningful which is what as a teacher I strive for.