Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ideas ideas ideas

As a staff we got the opportunity to meet together to hear about each other's inquiries then share with them some ideas. This was really valuable for me as I was able to hear from teachers who teach in the junior school and have students at a similar level.

A few ideas from this session are:
1. Word Families
- In order to help students with their understanding of words they could form word families. Specifically get them to make word that rhyme.
- Get a physical magnetic alphabet board and allow students time to play and explore words.

2. Memory Games
- To help students with remembering words set students up with memory games where they will have to use words repeatedly. Students need lots of revision before they will actually remember words when they see them in a new context, so this could be a good way of getting repetition.

3. Explain Everything
- To help students with sound knowledge use some of the ready made Explain Everythings to give students practice with their sounds.  

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