Friday, May 9, 2014

Day Three

Standard four of the graduating teacher standards states how teachers need to plan for a high quality teaching and learning environment. In order to create this learning environment teachers need to also apply with standard two which states teachers know about learners and how they learn. These two things really go hand and hand because the way teachers connect to their learners will significantly affect the learning environment. My AT has a strong emphasis on treating his students like young adults and ensuring that they know it. Throughout the day he will often mention to the students how he is not going to monitor them like little kids. From my observations this appears to be a really effective way of encouraging students to become responsible for their learning. From discussion and observation students appeared to work more effective initially when they are left to do their work on their own. My AT said that he has noticed that students will become quickly reliant on the teacher, which results in the quality of their work decreasing. But at the same time when students have finished their work or are not clear what to do is when their work decreases as well. By treating students like young adults, students often become more interested in their learning because they are not getting spoon feed. This directly relates to evidence for teaching to move away from transmission learning. Therefore treating students like young adults it can set students up for future learning.

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  1. Are you finding any shifts taking place in your teaching philosophy as a result of your experiences in this class and the school’s prevailing philosophy