Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day One

Standard two within the Graduating Teacher Standards specifically states how teachers must know about learners and how they learn. Point England School has a pedagogy called learn - create - share which underpins their daily teaching. Today I focused on my second goal and how this pedagogy is embraced within mathematics. At this time my class is doing problem solving and this is incorporated also with ICT. To begin the lesson the teacher went through the steps involved in problem solving as a whole class. Then students were presented with a problem and set to spend 10 minutes of silence where each student individually tried to solve the problem. Whilst this process was happening the teacher observed each student looking for the strategy that they were using to solve the problem. From this data the teacher then placed students into groups that consisted of students who were using different strategies. They then spent individual time students spend time in their groups discussing and sharing with each other what they did in their process to solve the problem. During this time students were encouraged to share even if they didn’t get an answer. The answer itself is not the important factor, but rather the process. This time is key because they are sharing what they have learnt therefore essentially teaching themselves and having young adult conversations about learning, and thinking. After sharing as a whole class each group then ICT was incorporated into their sharing. The students then used an app called educreations. With this app students were able to use an Ipad and write on the screen their working whilst also recording voice-over to explain their working. This then was shared online, where anyone in the world can access it and the students themselves can return to their work to gain further knowledge.
Reflecting on this pedagogy in mathematics it appears to me as very effective and efficient. The widely known fact that humans learn through teaching learnt material is key here. Student are able to learn material then teach(share) others what they have learnt. Though creating and share students are required to use higher order thinking in order to explain themselves rather than simply solve a problem in their head. Also this pedagogy is key in the world because for example so often in the workforce employees are required to learn in order to create something which is then shared to others. This pedagogy also aligns itself nicely with the ‘current teaching pedagogies’ such as individual teaching, and competency learning. Therefore I believe that learn, create, share pedagogy has huge potential to teach our students effectively and efficiently.

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  1. How do you ensure that correct maths thinking evolves out of the discussion??