Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day Eighteen

One of the biggest factors in teaching is class management. This factor in the Graduating Teacher Standards is stated as teachers must use professional knowledge to plan for a safe, high quality teaching and learning environment. In order to create this environment class management must be controlled and exercised really well. Over the past couple weeks I have witnessed a number of fights occur between a group of boys. It is has been really interesting to observe and be a part of the teacher conversations around this issue. One direction that my AT is handling this issue is through continual relationship with the students. They key aspect that all the teachers are trying to teach students is the ability to walk away from a heated situation and then deal with it later in a controlled manner. Progress has been seen but it is still a big issue with fights every day this week. After an incident today my AT was able to talk through some issues with one of the boys. During his discussion he described how his friendship was strong because they were nice to each other. This is one of the key issues that these boys are facing because they are continually being mean to each other then question why people don’t like them. What I have been learning from this is firstly how important it is to build and maintain a strong relationship with each student. But then to use language around personal disappointment and relationship to help guide students.

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