Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day Ten

Today I had an awesome opportunity to experience being a teacher for a day. A reliever was planned to assist me whilst I ran most of the day but my reliever never turned up so I ended up having the class to myself for the day. Even though I was running my class I had other teachers in the room to assist me if I needed so it was a perfect opportunity. The day went really well, with no major problems and learning occurring. Reflecting on this day the first thing that is highlighted to me is my interaction and connection with my students. During the day I was able to manage students well with enforcing my authority by simple repeating methods. Then throughout the day I believe that I was able to get students to complete their work well. But I felt like I didn’t interact with my students beyond ordering them to complete their work. This reflection has made me consider how as a teacher I want to have a positive relationship with my students beyond only ordering them to complete work. I need to have a relationship and knowledge of each student in order to create a positive environment and also encourage individual learning. During the day I felt like I needed to have an individual focus on each student which I felt that I didn’t have. In order to have this I think I need to do two things. Firstly I need to have established a positive relationship with each student which would come from deliberate interaction and interest in each student. Secondly I need to create an awareness and knowledge of where each student is at academically. Once I have knowledge of what each student knows and is learning then I would be able to individually guide each student into further learning and also keep them more focused. As a student teacher I think these two things are hard to gain because of the short time being involved within the particular class. One thing that I do want to try to begin to gain is having an understanding of what level each student is at. Therefore over the next couple weeks one of my goals is to gain understanding of what level a couple students are at and what their specific learning needs are at each level.

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