Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day Two

Continuing on from my previous blog reflection I continued today looking into graduating teacher standard two and the pedagogy of, learn- create- share. In mathematics today again with problem solving, students were asked to comment on a blog post sharing their strategy and answer. From students posting their comments, they were able to see what their peers were doing and refine their thinking further. This posting also was set to increase students ability to share even though they might be wrong or different. 
Literacy is another area where this pedagogy is incorporated and it appears to be very effective to students’ learning. In a team meeting I attended discussion was raised around whether students knew when they were learning, creating or sharing. There was even thought that this fact should be made explicitly to the students. In literacy students read their text then complete a follow-up activity ending with sharing their follow-up activity usually via their blog site. Through sharing students are able to get a mindset of the importance of their work and also learn from their classmates and others. 
This pedagogy also aligns itself directly with the Key Competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum. In order for students to share with each other they need to have or be progressing in a number of competencies such as, relating to others and participating and contributing. Along with these students also need to be proficient in the other three competencies of thinking, using language symbols and texts, and managing self. Therefore it appears to me that this particular pedagogy sits well within The New Zealand Curriculum and is well suited to providing the education that the curriculum believes in.

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