Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Seven

Continuing from my last blog reflection post I again today focused on Graduating Teacher Standard six in regards to positive relationships with learners. Prior to today I have reflected on how my AT often associates with his students in a joking and fun manor. This is due to the fact that a number of his students are undoubtedly ‘hard’ students and as a teacher he needs to have a positive relationship with his students. Today I observed a number of occasions where my AT have fun with his students, for example, making faces at the students, drumming on the table, and teasing a couple students. Then on another occasion he managed behaviour by stating that they wouldn’t treat him badly so don’t treat this other teacher badly. The response to this was instant, strong and students complied with his instruction well. I wonder if this response would be less, especially from the tougher students, if he didn’t have the same strong friendly, joking relationship. Today I also personally began to implement this relating in order to study the results and effectiveness. I took lots of opportunities to have fun with the students for example, teasing a student with her shoes, talking about apples, racing students to fold their milk box, playing badminton and other joking around. It was quite amazing because I saw instant results with one student, better behaviour from others and also really did have such an enjoyable day. During badminton I joined in from the beginning and began playing around and having fun with the students. Then one student who I have had a bit of behaviour difficulties with never had a very developed relationship asked me to be his partner. During this time we spent playing together we laughed, goal set and I encouraged him lots. Then actually in the afternoon I had this particular student in mathematics and his behaviour improved immensely from previous lessons. He did as I told him straight away and wasn’t anywhere as much of a continual battle as other times have been. Therefore so far my investigation has proven to be extremely effective but I will continue to test this out.

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