Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day Fourteen

Today I reflected on Graduating teacher standard six which states how teachers must develop positive relationships with learners. During the day there were a number of occasions where I felt that I didn’t have the relationship with my students that I needed. As a student teacher I think this is a common and nearly unavoidable thing but it is interesting to reflect on how I will be as a teacher. I think the most important things are that you have a relationship with a student so then behaviour can me managed way better. For myself over the past few weeks I have found myself not wanting to be too strong because I don’t want to lose any connection that I have begun to build. Then another occasion that became very obvious to me today was how I didn’t feel like I had an establish relationship in order to comfort a couple students. On two occasions students got hurt and upset but I wasn’t able to do anything. Firstly because I don’t have a relationship with either of these students or with the offenders against them. When I tried comforting and seeking to hear one students’ problems I didn’t get much response at all. And whilst he didn’t feel like talking to me I also didn’t feel like I had the relationship with the other student to therefore deal with it efficiently. Therefore I refrained from both situations with the intention that my AT would be able to deal to the situations much better. So after these experiences it makes me think about how will I establish a relationship with each one of my students so then I can deal to situations efficiently? I think one of the keys to this issue would be time. After time as a teacher you are able to interact with students in a positive way which makes them feel secure. They also become dependent upon the teacher because there is no one else in the school who cares as much. This leaves me with the thought that I need to build a strong relationship with each one of my students from day one. And that also as a student teacher I will never be able to have the same relationship therefore effect as the class teacher.

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