Monday, May 19, 2014

Day Eleven

Today I want to reflect on my lecturer visit and how as I training teacher I am satisfying graduating teacher standard seven, in regards to the development of my teaching philosophy, ICT, and pedagogy. From a number of different areas today I felt like I progressed immensely in my teaching journey. I think a major contributor to this factor is my reflection on my teaching and students learning and the control I have to teach them what I resolve as best. It was really empowering to start seeing my students learning or not learning then thinking through what I need to do to resolve it. Then being able to implement this thinking without the total control of another teacher. My attitude of being a student teacher is rapidly changing as I now don’t find myself with the focus on satisfying university requirements (to a certain level). But rather I find myself with the central focus around learning to become an working teacher with also an emphasis on what my students need rather than what I need. This change in viewpoint is helping me to be more active and feel more involved in these students lives.
Another aspect of my teaching philosophy that was developed today was in relation to the use of ICT in learning. At a staff meeting today presentations where made around how Ipads are being used in lower year classrooms. It was really interesting to combine this with the pedagogy of learn, create, share. Within this pedagogy there is huge emphasis on our learners being producers rather than consumers. It was interesting watching a TED talk on how if our students are consumers then they will be controlled by ICT whilst if they are producers then they will control our ICT. This was a really interesting point because I think this can align with the importance of teaching with ICT very strongly. In this meeting there were also a number of Apps mentioned and how they are being used in classes. One in particular is called ExplainEverything. With this app students are able to complete worksheets, use it as a whiteboard, present ideas and other things all with the ability to record the students working and voice. It was mentioned the power of this in regards to the teacher essentially being able to listen to what students think. Students can be sent off to complete simple worksheet work outside or at their desk with no teacher around them. But then the teacher is able to view their working to see what and how they solve problems, whilst also hear their thinking whilst doing so. This tool appears to be hugely powerful to teachers in guiding individual students’ thinking and learning. Though I also consider the pedagogical changes that this implements. This brings a change because now teachers are potentially able to hear what all students are doing then offer them assistance where they need it. Also teachers are able to ‘hear’ what students are saying which might often be unheard due to students not speaking whilst around a teacher or in a group setting. I am excited by the possibilities of this App specifically and consider how I personally could implement it in my teacher effectively and efficiently.

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