Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week Two

This past week has been extremely beneficial to my teaching journey. During the past week I have had my own class for a day, gained professional development in areas of including dialogue in teaching, gained further understanding of implementing ICT in the classroom, and deepened my teaching philosophy. As each week passes I feel more confident, prepared and ready to become a qualified teacher. This week I was able to gain more understanding in the pedagogy of learn, create, share which continues to connect with my teaching philosophy. This pedagogy aligns itself perfectly with the use of ICT but I am beginning to question how such a pedagogy could be used in a non-digital classroom. By requiring students to create then share, students are able to realise that their learning is not for vain and that through creating they are able to teach themselves, their peers, and other people. This appears to me as very valuable because for me it resonates more as what is required in the world but also it steers away from things like mundane worksheets. In an non-digital classroom I wonder if this pedagogy could be implemented in a small scale model such as having a single class blog that some work gets displayed on. I do not know how effective this would be though. Another aspect of my learning this week has been to do with the use of dialogue in numeracy and literacy. Through some dialogue tools students can be challenged to think for themselves and think deeper within concepts and content. This could prove very helpful to get every student thinking for themselves and learning productively. I haven’t had the opportunity to use these tools much but hope to do so in the coming week.

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