Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day Thirteen

Today I had quite a rough day where I felt really unsure of what to do about behaviour at times. In relation to this I want to reflect against graduating teacher standard one in regards to knowing what to teach at an appropriate level. Today during mathematics I really struggled to keep the interest and focus of students on solving the problem. To begin all students appeared to be working hard but they all quickly lost focus. I even modelled the framing of the question really well in the beginning by writing down the question they need to ask and find out. Students didn’t even write these down very efficiently which made the lesson even begin hard. Through the lesson I was beginning to wonder if the problem I had presented them with was way above their level. After looking at the problem, yes it was quite complex but simple calculations. This really highlighted to me how students can quickly get overwhelmed and give up. Whilst actually the problem is quite simple. Therefore I don’t think I have a very good understanding yet of what problems relate to these students’ level. This is something that I will get better at as I am more immersed in the teaching world. After discussion with another teacher about how to do to carry on from this lesson we decided that to model a question may be helpful. Also slowing the process down and making the students do each step by step might help them gain understanding of the process they need to do. Otherwise an easier question might be the answer to avoid a repeat of todays lesson.

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