Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day Nineteen

In my last post I reflected on the issue around students behaviour with specific relation to fights. Today I again witnessed another outbreak of anger between two students. The situation was sparked but a simple action of one student being helpful but having a bit of fun and silliness at the same time. But as soon as objection was shown against him he quickly got very threatening and serious. This resulted in the moving of objects with one student falling to the ground. In this situation the initial student was not able to manage himself and let himself get angry very quickly. Therefore this resulted to the student being quite calm to getting angry quickly. The key learning goal is that students needs to learn is to be able to control their feels and not react in anger. From this event and earlier ones it was sad but eye opening to the reality that if these students continue down this path then it might lead them to possibly ending up in a jail cell. This fact is extremely sad and empowering to push on harder training these students to deal with their anger. But again it highlights the importance that each teacher needs to provide a safe and learning efficient environment because students won’t learn well if they are scared or feel uptight.

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