Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day Four

Today I was able to gain some understanding around how ICT can significantly increase mathematical results. School wide, teachers use a website called Maths Whiz which is a problem where each student has an account and works through levels online. This program is similar to that of mathletics but has a few key benefits. Maths Whiz provides the teacher with instant detailed information for each student regarding their results, time, skill, and improvement. My AT uses this information as a tool for also encouraging students to manage their own learning. In the past few weeks since the beginning of the year a number of the student have gained between 1-2 years on their mathematics level. My skepticism was that this is inaccurate but my AT said that he has noticed the improvement outside of this program in the students other work. I am blown away at how useful this tool appears to be whilst also being a tool that students are motivated to use and is easy for the teacher to use. Another website that the school uses is XtraMaths which again appears to be a really effective program. Throughout the whole years students work through levels which is all based on basic facts. The results from this program also were really outstanding according to my AT. A tool which is really helpful on this site is a teacher dashboard which displays all the results from the students working which enables the teacher to see exactly what basic facts each student is struggling on. Which then enables the teacher to directly help each student when they get stuck. With this available management learning can be focused and direct, which enables students to excel in their learning.

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