Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day Eight

In regards to the first graduating teacher standard, teachers must know what to teach and how to teach. The process of how to teach, therefore pedagogy, is something that is extremely varied and there are many ideas, thoughts and reasons to teaching in certain ways. Today I continued to reflect on a pedagogy that I was presented to at the after school staff P.D  meeting. The theory presented was, TALK, which is academically productive talk to support students’ learning. The emphasis of this is to have discourse-based instruction. Within this it is broken into five tools, re-voicing, repeating, eliciting students’ reasoning, adding-on and teacher wait time. These tools appear to be simple but extremely good for effective teaching. I think as a teacher I often resort back to a transmission mode of teaching easily. But this mode of teaching does not challenge students to think or to challenge themselves. When hearing about these tools for discourse within a subject they resonated with me really well. Initially they were presented as tools to use in mathematics to get students learning strategies but they also align really smoothly with literacy as well. In my reading I want to start experimenting with some of this tools. For example during reading I want to try eliciting students reasoning by asking students whether they agree or disagree and why. Then also to use adding-on to encourage students to add on to their peers comments in order to create richer and deeper conversation. Therefore over the next couple weeks I want to try implementing this pedagogy and discover whether it increases students participation and learning depth.

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