Monday, May 26, 2014

Week Three:

Over the past week I have taken most of the teaching. This has given me a new understanding and mindset into teaching that I don’t think I have had before now. During this week I have had a number of lessons where I have evaluated them and been unsatisfied at how they went. This is due to the student not learning as efficiently as I want them to or being unable to complete their work. Over the week I have begun to really question my teaching and ponder deeply on how can I teach these students more effectively. I believe that my attitude is changing from just satisfying university/associate teacher requirements towards really caring about the students I teach and really wanted to do all I can to teach them well. During the week I felt more and more like a teacher because I was able to see what wasn’t work then suggest a different way to my AT rather than just do what I was told to do. This is really empowering because this change of attitude is preparing me to be an effective and proficient teacher of my own class. During teacher training I believe that as a student teacher it is easy to become so caught up in trying to always please your AT and lecture that you don’t get to think for yourself. This therefore has the power to weaken the student teachers impact and effectiveness. But this is not to underdetermine this procedure during the first year or so of teacher training because as a student teacher you do not have the knowledge needed to teach effectively. Rather during teacher training students need to go under a change of mindset and focus during teaching. Student teachers do need to see their priority changed from university and lecture to the student. The student should be the focus of all teaching and learning.

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